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5  Wireless Energy Distribution 

While we can create clean, efficient energy through gasification, and construct these small plants on a micro grid basis, to effectively distribute the power we create, we are proposing a wireless grid along existing transit corridors.


Through agreements with WiTricity/Qualcomm, we propose wireless charging at major transit stops. Buses, shuttles and last mile vehicles will all utilize the same charging stations that we propose engineering into the construction of these transit centers, and at major stops along high traffic corridors.


This pilot will look into all three vehicle formats and the practicalities of wirelessly charging each.

Further, we will begin to explore the feasibility of compression technologies to further expand our energy creation abilities. 


Cost Benefits to Municipal/City Government:

    * With wireless charging, our system will operate 24/7 offering non stop availability to consumers

    * By utilizing wireless and compression technologies, the city further saves on the overall cost of power generation

    * This system offers power conveyance with little or no additional infrastructure


Environmental Impact:


    * 100% Safe
    * 100% environmentally clean
    * Massive reduction based upon ZERO carbon emissions 

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