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Intelligent Transit

Video Presentation

Intelligent Transit Plan- Presented by Councilman Robert Swope and TDG CEO Paul Doherty.



The CEO/President of TDG joined via teleconference in the introduction of the Intelligent Transit for Nashville plan. “A holistic public transportation system that provides a quality and inexpensive experience while saving the environment is the essence of our proposed program for Nashville,” said Paul Doherty, TDG’s president and CEO, who joined the press conference by telecom during a business trip to Japan. He added, “Our NextGEN autonomous vehicles are designed to grow with the wants and needs of Nashville over a long period of time. By building in obsolescence and implementing a rigorous and disciplined system of safety and security, TDG’s NextGEN vehicles will provide a pragmatic, forward thinking solution for public mobility for Nashville and the surrounding area for years to come.”


The Digit Group (TDG) plans, designs, builds and manufactures holistic smart cities, using technology solutions as the basis of its designs. The Memphis-based company creates smart cities solutions that provide greater security, increased safety, lower energy use, more efficient water management, safe and comfortable transportation and a better urban experience. Combined with its project management and master urban planning services, TDG uses a matrix of innovations such as electric, autonomous mass transit vehicles, renewable energy solutions, a proprietary urban planning software system (ORBI®) to create a holistic smart city environment.

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