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4  Fleet Operated Vehicles & 2m Buses

With MTA/RTA working towards a far more cost efficient and energy effective solution to inter-county mass transit, and Vanderbilt/NAVYA introducing AV/EV transit options to the urban environment, we are proposing a Pilot Initiative for the final element in our transportation model: The use of shared fleet operated personal AV/EV vehicles to complete the overall picture.


Over the previous 3 years. We have entertained numerous conversations with global OEM’s about the paradigm shift in transportation that is discussed within the Intelligent Transit papers and the offerings contained within this Pilot Program.


We are proposing that the State of Tennessee/City of Nashville continue to explore a new P3 agreement with an OEM willing to implement a First Mile-Last Mile program within our existing mass transit environment. While this will modestly take a year or more to negotiate, we propose a small Pilot utilizing two to four vehicles operating within a 2 mile radius of one of the popular transit stops along the MTA network during that time.


As theorized in our previous papers, this fleet operator would charge a small fee of $0.40 per mile for this service, tied into the same payment structure that MTA/RTA operates, and share a small portion of that charge with the City for infrastructure and road maintenance.


We believe that between EV Buses (moving towards AV/EV buses) operating within the MTA/RTA space; The introduction of NAVYA AV/EV Shuttles operating within the Vanderbilt transit environment, and this Pilot of First mile-Last Mile Fleet operated AV/EV pods, the move towards a future transportation environment, fueled by environmentally clean electric energy, will quickly gain acceptance within our communities. 


Benefits to Municipal/City Government:


    * This radically changes the way in which public transit is utilized, and offers a true equitable transit solution to all

    * From door step to door step transit, at a fraction of current prices is the goal with this initiative

Environmental Impact:

    * As with our buses and shuttles, these vehicles are 100% environmentally clean

Community Awareness/Involvement:

    * We will conduct free days of ridership to educate the public 

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