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2 - 12m NextGen EV Buses

The 12m electric bus we are proposing is currently being engineered by TDG Transportation and manufactured by Foton.


The agreements for these activities are currently in place.


The 12m NextGen bus we have designed includes full ADA compliant ingress/egress, accommodation for bicycles and scooters, completely WiFi enabled, and incorporates design elements that will change they way in which the average consumer views public transit.


We propose that four 12m buses be incorporated into the current inventory of rolling stock for a test period of not less than 1 year so that Nashville’s MTA and RTA can rigorously test these vehicles in a real world environment.  While the 12m buses are fully electric at this time, we propose that within the next 24 months, we will begin to offer fully autonomous versions as well. But for the initial pilot program, the vehicles provided will be human operated.


The city of Nashville currently spends approximately $800,000 per electric bus through one of the major manufacturers globally. Our current agreement with Foton is for slightly more than half of the current acquisition price Nashville taxpayers pay. 


Cost Benefits to Municipal/City Government:


    * Cost savings of up to 50% if purchased
    * Its is our intention to lease mass transit vehicles to the City thereby offering a 75 to 80 percent

      reduction in current inventory expenditures


Environmental Impact:

    * Each transit vehicle is electric thereby delivering ZERO EMISSIONS into the environment

    * In combination with our 100% environmentally clean energy creation, the entire system

      becomes carbon emission free 

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