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 7  Dedicated AV/EV Lanes

Within the structure of the Pilot Elements we have proposed, we are additionally proposing future dedicated Autonomous/Electric (AV/EV) lanes to be established along the three major highways in Middle Tennessee. I-65, I-40 and I-24 would have one dedicated lane for the sole use of NextGen AV/EV buses. These will physically function as a bus, but through modern design and technology will look, feel and be scheduled just like a train system.

On the following map, each red line above indicates these dedicated AV/EV lanes, with each red “T” denoting a Transit/Energy center with mixed use retail, parking, first mile last mile options, and 30 minute 24/7 scheduled service.

Each blue line denotes a cross-town route enabling complete and total equality in transportation to the entire region. 


We are not proposing the construction of new lanes however. Rather, with autonomous vehicles requiring far less lane width, this Pilot Initiative will explore, in detail, the functionality of simply utilizing the existing road infrastructure, and restriping these highways to accommodate an 8ft wide AV/EV lane along the center median. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 5.40.46 PM.png
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