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It is our intention to create a rolling Road Show of technology, environmental advantages, and economic realities to showcase just what Intelligent Transit IS, and CAN BE.

This Road Show will spend 2-3 days in every major city in TN extolling the benefits of this paradigm shift in transit and energy.

Specific Elements to be showcased include:

  • Promote local and regional economic development

  • Be attentive to local customer preferences and needs

  • Be mindful of supply chain and other resource constraints

  • Include social equity considerations to benefit all Tennesseans

  • Promote the reduction of all environmental impacts

  • Prioritize taxpayer value and maximize effective investment

  • Maintaining a safe, reliable, affordable, and optimized electric grid

  • Fostering entrepreneurship and technical innovation within the

    transportation industry

  • Preparing for a more connected, autonomous, environmental clean

    transportation environment

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