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1 - Energy / Transit Center

With regard to the overall Intelligent Transit: A Model for a Conscious City plan previously released, these Energy/Transit constructs are one of the key elements in within this pilot proposal. These small energy plants, built as part of a robust transportation environment, create Micro Grids which in turn solve the tremendous Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management problems that we face, and further enable a far safer energy grid as it pertains to potential cyber attacks.

The benefits of utilizing gasification technologies in the creation of clean renewable energy are numerous.

  • 100% environmentally clean within a closed system

  • Uses MSW as feedstock for the creation of energy

  • Eliminates the need to truck MSW more than a couple of miles,

    thereby substantially reducing a cities expense of waste disposal

  • Creates 99.9% pure Synthetic Natural Gas that in turn drives a gas

    turbine, all within a closed environment

  • Creates energy from MSW at 3 times the efficiency of a coal fired


  • Drastically reduces the loss of energy due to transmission


  • Provides ample electrical power for consumers

  • Provides all necessary electrical power for a robust transit grid 

It is our proposal to construct the first Energy/Transit facility on the grounds of Gaylord Hotel/Opryland. With the assistance of Ryman Properties, we believe this can be a opportunity for the implementation of what we are proposing, while creating a physical structure to test, refine, and ultimately utilize in community awareness and outreach programs as we expand our Micro-Grid concept throughout Middle Tennessee.

  • We estimate that the total land required for both an energy generation plant and a community transit center will be approximately 4 acres. This accounts for passenger drop-off/pick-up, parking for mixed use retail, and other components that may come into use moving forward.

  • All charging within this facility will be wireless utilizing the WiTricity’s system.

  • Microgrids offer a wide range of other benefits to their hosts, the larger grid and

    to the surrounding community.

  • By “islanding” from the grid in emergencies, a microgrid can both continue

    serving its included load and serve its surrounding community by providing a platform to support critical services – from hosting first responders and governmental functions to providing key services and emergency shelter.

    Microgrids can make it feasible to place generating capacity in congested areas of the grid and, from a planning perspective, can reduce contingencies that threaten grid stability. Using electric and thermal storage capabilities, a microgrid can provide local management of variable renewable generation, particularly on-site solar. Through fine tuning its own generation and load, a microgrid can provide load following and other ancillary services to the grid in response to real-time signals. Moreover, microgrids are capable of providing energy and multiple ancillary services at the same time. 


Cost Benefits to Municipal/City Government:


    * Cost savings in the disposal of MSW
    * Cost savings in the purchase of electricity

    * Far more efficient distribution of energy
    * Creates safer and cleaner environment


Community Awareness/Involvement:

    * Intelligent Transit will conduct community awareness and education programs throughout Davidson County       to introduce Micro Grids into the community. 

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